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Bosch Gives Motorcycle Jet Thrusters For Slide Recovery



Bosch Motorcycle Thrusters

Bosch has developed an innovative new motorcycle technology that employs jet thrusters to help riders recover from a potentially deadly slide.

The antilock brakes on today’s motorcycles help prevent accidents; however, slippery surfaces and loose gravel poses unique challenges when executing turns.

The German supplier attempts to address this issue by bringing the lateral stability control of four-wheel vehicles to motorcycles. Based on airbag propellant technology, its thrusters act like a reverse-thrust retrorocket that ejects a blast of gas from the side of the bike, countering a lateral slide after sensing one by righting the bike. See it in action in the video below.

A downside is that it can only be used once, increases complexity and is likely to be offered only on expensive motorcycles. It also needs to work flawlessly because an accidental engagement could possibly knock the rider right over.

In addition to the thrusters, Bosch revealed adaptive cruise control, blind spot warnings, collision warning and several other new autonomous tech for motorcycles.

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3 Simple Tips For Replacing Your Motorcycle After An Accident



Motorcycle Accident with car

Been in a motorcycle accident? Don’t rush to get a replacement.

There are many things you need to consider before purchasing a new bike. Not only do you need to make sure you purchase a reliable ride, but you also need to make sure that things like your health and finances are taken into consideration. These three simple tips should make it easier for you to find your new bike.

Consider What Type of Ride You Want

Motorcycle accidents can be very traumatic experiences. In addition to purchasing a new vehicle, you might have injuries that are still healing and you might have ed a to help you through a personal injury claim. On top of that, you may have some new fears and feelings you need to deal with before hopping back on a bike. The entire process can be emotionally exhausting.

Because of that, you might want to take some time to think about whether you want to purchase a new motorcycle or if you’d rather own a different type of vehicle. You might feel better driving a car, SUV, or a truck. You might even want to consider changing things up a bit by purchasing an eco-friendly car like the new Mini Cooper SE. Or, you might decide that regardless of any fears you may have, you want to face them immediately and purchase a new motorcycle. The type of vehicle you choose is completely up to you, but you should give yourself a quick mental assessment to make sure you’re ready for a new motorcycle before buying one.

Discuss Your Injuries with Your Doctor

If you were injured in your accident and you aren’t fully recovered, you should discuss your options with your doctor before buying a new bike. It might not be a good idea for you to drive a motorcycle again until you’re fully healed.

Your doctor and/or physical therapist can access your injuries to estimate the amount of time it will take for them to heal completely. They should also be able to give you a good idea of how long it will take for you to be in good enough shape to ride a motorcycle again. They may also have suggestions for home care that could help you heal faster, such as staying .

Remember, when you ride a motorcycle, you use your muscles a lot more than you do when you drive a car. You have to bend slightly when you’re turning and you need strength to hold the bike up while you’re stopped. Because of this, you want to make sure you’re fully healed before getting back on a bike.

Consider Your Finances

If your injuries have caused you to miss a substantial amount of work or money is tight normally, you need to think about your finances currently and in the near future before purchasing a new vehicle. Some things you want to consider include:

  • Is your settlement amount enough to cover the cost of a new vehicle and your bills until you’re able to work again?
  • Can you afford a loan payment if your new vehicle costs more than your settlement amount?
  • How much will your automobile insurance, repairs, and fuel cost for your new vehicle? It is a feasible amount?

The fact is, depending on the type and age of the motorcycle you were driving, your settlement might not cover the cost of a new car. Also, it will cost more to fuel a car than it did your bike.

Of course, maintaining a motorcycle isn’t cheap either. You typically have to more often than you would a car. You also need to purchase safety gear. Basically, motorcycle ownership can get costly too.

Getting back on the bike

Any accident is going to cause you some degree of physical and emotional trauma. Picking that bike back up again and getting going is not going to be easy. You may want to look into getting some refresher lessons from a professional motorcycle instructor. Perhaps simply playing some will be enough to get your mind where it needs to be.

Final Words

The bottom line is this: before you purchase a new motorcycle, car, SUV, or truck, weigh all of your options. Of course, your health should be your main concern, but you must also to take your finances and state of mind into consideration.

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5 Things To Know Before Buying A Motorcycle



Riding Motorcycle, cockpit view

Buying a motorcycle can be a fun experience, but it should be done with careful consideration.

There’s nothing quite as American as the motorcycle. Motorcycles have some of the most powerful engines on the planet and offer a different experience than your typical vehicle. Take the Dodge Tomahawk for example — although a concept, it was capable of going a blazing 420 miles per hour.

It’s not all about speed, though. Motorcycles offer open-air thrills and allow you to experience the road in a way that no car, truck, or SUV ever could. If you are thinking about getting a motorcycle, here are five things to know before buying for your perfect bike.

1. Insurance and Licensing

You are required to obtain motorcycle insurance the same as you would for a car. If you’re involved in an accident or cause damage to another vehicle, you want to have the peace of mind that motorcycle insurance brings. Before heading out to grab that bike, make sure that you get a few to get an idea of how much this is going to cost you financially. You’ll also need a motorcycle permit, endorsement, or license to ride. Every state varies as to which one they require you to have, but all of them have a type of license you have to obtain.

2. Maintenance

Motorcycles need maintenance just like a car, truck, or SUV does. The difference is that maintenance on a motorcycle usually needs to happen more often. For example, a rear tire might need to be changed every 3,000 miles or sooner, depending on how you ride. Other common maintenance concerns on motorcycles include chain maintenance and regular oil changes.

3. Safety Gear

You’ve probably already thought of buying a helmet to ride your motorcycle, and if you have, that’s a great start. But many new riders don’t realize they need more than just a helmet. Other types of gear include a motorcycle jacket, high-abrasion grade gloves, and boots. These items will provide protection for the rest of your body in the event of an accident.

4. Motorcycle vs. Car

There’s an elevated level of safety and security inside a car, seeing as you get a roof, computer-assisted control, and an array of safety features. What’s more, the advent of the automatic transmission has turned driving into a more passive experience. With motorcycles, you’re basically sitting on an engine attached to two wheels and that’s it. They don’t offer the same level of protection as cars, so you’re going to have to be more alert, more aware of the curves on the road, and sharper at your “leans” and riding.

A mental lapse in a car might be correctable with driver-assist features. On a motorcycle, it can be deadly. When you’re riding the bike, the perk is that you’re going to have a more active, engaging experience, with fresh air all around you and the world passing by in full view. This perk is great as long as you abide by and remain alert at all times.

5. Selection

Just like shopping for a car, you’re going to be able to go through a long inventory of bikes. Do you want a new bike or a used one? What kind of power do you want, and what color do you have your heart set on? Shopping for a bike is a fun experience but should be done with careful consideration. Not only do you want to pick a bike you’ll enjoy riding, but you also want one which is unlikely to have maintenance issues or other negative aspects of its design.

Final Words

The motorcycles of the world are waiting for you to bring them into your own world. You give them life, and they return the favor. When you’re out there on the road watching the world in front of you and all around, there’s nothing quite like it. Knowing these five things can help you make a better decision as to what kind of bike to buy and what to expect from the experience.

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Here’s How Many Motorcycles Get Into Accidents And Other Facts



Motorcycle Accident with car

As fun and cool as they are, the evergreen two-wheelers must be operated with extreme care. The motorcycle accident facts might surprise you.

Every year, more than 2 million people from traffic accidents in the United States alone, accidents that are sometimes fetal, resulting in thousands of lost lives.

Accidents involving motorcycles are actually significantly higher than those involving only cars. According to the U.S. National highway traffic safety Association (NHTSA), 72.34 per 100,000 registered motorcycles were involved in a fatal crash in 2016, compared to just 13.10 out of 100,000 cars. And the death rate of people riding motorcycles is more than 27 times that of people riding in other vehicles.

What Causes Accidents?

So, why exactly do accidents happen? Of the many factors, poor riding habits and the disregard for traffic rules are usually the most prominent. Here’e a more comprehensive rundown of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Poorly-trained and / or overconfident riders
  • Riding on rough improperly carpeted muddy roads that require potentially
  • Operating a bike that’s damaged or not working as intended
  • Not wearing a helmet or other protective gear
  • Performing dangerous motorcycle tricks such as one-wheeling
  • Not following traffic rules and laws

Head industries are the most common injuries suffered by motorcycle riders, and this can be greatly mitigated by simply wearing a helmet. In fact, by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that helmets are about 37 percent effective at preventing motorcycle deaths and a whopping 67 percent effective at preventing brain injuries.

You can find many all over the web, so there should be an excuse for not wearing one while riding.

Here are even more shocking yet sobering motorcycle accident facts:

  • Motorcycle rider deaths are nearly 30 times higher than drivers of other vehicles.
  • Motorcycle riders aged below 40 are 36 times more likely to be killed than other vehicle operators of the same age range.
  • Motorcycle riders aged 40 years and over are around 20 times more likely to be killed than other drivers of that same age rang.
  • According to 2005 data from the NHTSA, 4,008 motorcycle riders were killed on United States roads in 2004, an 8% increase from 2003.
  • In 1999 there were over four million motorcycles registered in the United States, comprising 2% of all registered vehicles in the US. In that year, 5% of all highway fatalities were motorcycle riders or passengers.
  • Approximately 80% of reported motorcycle crashes result in injury or death; a comparable figure for automobiles is about 20 percent.

Considering all these facts and figures, one must wonder why motorcycles so notoriously dangerous. A main reason, of course, is that, unlike a car, they provides virtually no protection for rider in a crash, resulting in more serious injuries and a higher incidence of death.

Preventing Motorcycle Accidents?

The sad truth is that all of these injuries and deaths are preventable. Just a bit more care and proper understanding of the rules and their implications could work miracles on our roads.

If you’re a motorcycle rider, wear a helmet, make sure your bike is properly tuned and in good working condition, strictly follow traffic rules and laws, and — for the love of everyone! — refrain from pulling off dangerous tricks like one-wheeling. This will keep the police off your back and spare you from becoming a motorcycle accident statistic.

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