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SpaceX Successfully Launches ‘Tintin’ Internet Satellites Into Low Orbit



SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket

Elon Musk and team have successfully launched two SpaceX experimental satellites into space.

Christened Tintin A & B, the pair are the first microsatellites in the company’s proposed Starlink service, which could eventually consist of a constellation of up to 12,000 low-Earth orbit satellites providing gigabit-speed wireless broadband internet service across the world.

Musk made the announcement on Twitter, stating:

“First two Starlink demo satellites, called Tintin A & B, deployed and communicating to Earth stations. Tintin A & B will attempt to beam ‘hello world’ in about 22 hours when they pass near LA.”

Unlike with its previous flights, SpaceX didn’t try to recover the Falcon first-stage booster and let it crash. It did however try to retrieve a payload fairing with a giant “catcher’s mitt” attached to a ship but missed the mark by a few hundred meters.

The fairings, which are worth several million dollars, landed in the water, a missed opportunity for company to slash launch costs.

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Tim Hortons Changing Coffee Lids Due To Complaints



Tim Hortons Coffee Cup Lid

After 20 years, Tim Hortons is finally changing its leaky coffee cup lids.

Canadians had become accustomed to the brown plastic lids atop their morning coffee or tea, which despite evolving to include closeable spouts and more recyclable materials, haven’t changed much over those two decades. They often leak, frustrating customers like myself.

In a carried out by Driving Canada on cups from four different coffee chains in Canada, the Timmies’ cup almost performed the worst. Fortunately, the fast-food chain has announced that it is replacing the lids in favour of something more leak-proof and environmentally friendly.

The new lids will also feature a maple leaf on them for an extra sprinkle of Canadian pride.

As you can imagine, many Canadians are ecstatic with the news.

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Don Forman Of Las Vegas Lends Helping Hand



They say nice guys finish last, but that is not really the case when the gets on the case.

For the past three years, the Surprise Squad has been teaming up with local businesses and even individual citizens who truly care about their community. The result is an outpouring of love, kindness, and giving back to communities, bringing tears to the eyes of virtually everyone who watches one of these programs on TV or YouTube.

Of course, this corporate-media partnership is a symbiotic relationship that pools the ability of a local television station to ferret out neglected causes that are in need of an outpouring of help and the many generous businessmen in the local community who are anxious to pay their own good fortune forward to someone else– but they have no way of determining who is in need of their assistance or if these people are just running some kind of a scam.

By uniting the investigative aspects of journalism with the charitable urges of the business community, a powerful tool is created that finds and rewards the quietly virtuous, who go about their own lives without asking for help and doing the best they can to assist others. Judging by the millions of views generate on YouTube and the avalanche of responses that have poured in worldwide, this program has really hit a note. It has probably also generated an appetite in other markets to do the same thing– which may well be the greatest benefit of all.

Among the program’s earliest and most generous backers has been the owner of . The alliance has obviously yielded great benefits to many people, but the most surprising thing about it may be the way in which it is changing perceptions about at least one car dealer in the country.

Mr. Forman has been very supportive of this program, having given away many cars to those in need. While this might be expected, it is Ultimate Nissan’s many five-figure checks that really catch the eye. may have achieved the impossible from a social perception stance — they are giving car dealers a good name.

In the aftermath of the recent Vegas bloodbath, Mr. Forman put his dealership to work arranging rides for the countless compassionate Vegas residents who answered the call to donate blood for the 500+ victims of the tragedy. Throughout all of his philanthropic efforts, Don Forman makes it clear that he and what he calls his “family” at Ultimate Nissan are not just doing a little corporate window dressing.

Instead, it seems clear that the only question he ever asks of the Surprise Squad team is not “How much is this going to cost me?” but “Whatever you need from us, you got it.” With that thought in mind, one can only hope that fortune continues to smile on Don Forman and all the others who are willing to give, share and contribute to making a better world for those who truly have their backs against the wall.

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Looking to Transport a Car? Check Out ‘Moving Wheels’



Car transport service

Transporting cars over long distances is generally a lengthy, arduous and expensive process, especially when it’s between countries. That’s why it’s important to always go with a licensed, experienced and capable car transportation company you can trust.

For those looking to transport their car within the United States, you may want to consider the guys at . They are licensed and offer many services, which include , boats transfer, motorcycle and ATV shipping, RV transfer, and oversized vehicle transportation.

Common transfers of vehicles usually require driving the car to the designated place and collecting it from a storage/terminal that’s situated God knows where. Fortunately, Moving Wheels does door-to-door transportation that proposes the following benefits:

  1. Time saving. The loading/off-loading with subscribing of all bills and papers takes 20 minutes.
  2. The company takes up the running of all bumf including the arrangement of shipment.
  3. One driver is responsible for the trucking of the vehicle.
  4. The owner can control the detrucking process to evaluate the car condition.
  5. Door-to-door service is perfect for non-running cars, allowing owners to transport the vehicle wherever it is needed.

By placing an order at, you will obtain comprehensive data about prices proposed by carriers. This price is set according to order specifications based on the vehicle type and time. All services are preformed to a high standard with careful attention to detail… if customer testimonials are anything to go by.

Did you know that more than 3 million vehicles hare transported within the United States every year? We didn’t…

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