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Ontario Gets Tesla Model X Electric Police Car



OPP Tesla Model X police car

With their instant torque delivery, electric cars are primed for high speed police chases, and the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) seems to have received the memo.

While the Tesla Model S has been the EV of choice for cities like Los Angeles and Denver, Canada’s largest province opted to base their cruiser on the Tesla Model X SUV instead, showing it off at the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto for all to see.

Police departments have so far used Tesla’s vehicles more as a promotional tool rather than a serious, dedicated police vehicle, but it remains to be seen how Ontario will use their new Model X.

No word on which of the three Model X trims (75D, 100D and P100D) they went it, but the P100D is the fastest with a supercar-beating sprint to 60 mph (100 km/h) from a standstill in just 2.9 seconds, while the Model X 100D offers the most endurance with an EV range of 295 miles (475 km).

Imagine being pulled over by a Tesla Model X P100D, let alone chased by one…

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Detroit Auto Show

New Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid Is Ready To Fight Crime



New, 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility SUV

When the all-new Ford Explorer suits up to protect and serve…

Ford has revealed the new Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid, its latest crime-fighting SUV for law enforcement officers in North America and possibly elsewhere.

Based on the 2020 Ford Explorer, the Police Interceptor Utility promises added protection for those in the line duty while also delivering better fuel mileage and reduced emissions than its predecessor. It features a Police Perimeter Alert system that not only provides 270 degrees monitoring around the vehicle, but can also analyze the movement of bad guys; can automatically secure the vehicle by locking doors and rolling up windows; and create motion trails on perpetrators outside so that officers can track their movements.

On the mechanical front, there is an optional hybrid powertrain that delivers an estimated fuel economy rating of 24 mpg combined rating, which is a a whopping 41 percent improvement over the 3.7-liter gas engine under the hood of the previous Police Interceptor Utility.

Interceptor Utility Hybrid also has better acceleration than the old 3.7L-engine equipped model, reaching 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) 1.1 second faster and shaving an impressive 4.7 seconds off the 100 mph (161 km/h) sprint.

According to Ford, the hybrid Utility could save up to 1,276 gallons (4,830 liters) of fuel per year in regular operations, a figure that’s based on 4.9 estimated hours of idling per eight hour shift, with two shifts daily.

A 3.0L EcoBoost and 3.3L V6 are available for state authorities looking for something more bit more old school. All three engine options are mated to a new 10-speed automatic transmission and a permanent all-wheel drive system.

Other mechanical highlights include an upgraded cooling system, specially tuned brakes, cop-spec steel wheels, and additional reinforcement to help it withstand eight-inch curb impacts and high-speed crossings over medians and railroad tracks. It also meets 75-mph rear-impact crash standards and can wade through 18 inches of water.

New, 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility SUV, officers

New, 2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility SUV, on duty

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New Ford Police Interceptor Aims To Be Quickest Cop Car



Ford Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid

Bad guys beware! A new police interceptor is speeding to town, and it will catch you.

Based on the next-generation Ford Explorer, the Ford Interceptor Utility vehicle is powered by a new hybrid powertrain that lets it accelerate from 0 to 100 mph (96 km/h) faster than any other mainstream cop car, including the Dodge Durango Pursuit SUV and the lighter, V8-powered sedans.

Ford also claims fastest lap and fastest average lap times.

Not only is the Explorer Interceptor Utility powerful, but it is also fuel efficient, with an EPA-estimated 24 mpg combined rating. That makes it approximately 40 percent more efficient than the 3.7-liter V6 that powers the previous model.

The new Ford Police Interceptor Utility is available for order, and each example comes with $2,000 worth of standard features, including LED high- and low-beam headlamps, a built-in modem, Bluetooth pass-through voice commands, four programmable steering wheel switches, and a Class III trailer-tow bar that provides a 5,000 pound towing capability.

Ford is clearly not playing around.

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7 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make Following A Car Accident



Car Accident - Shattered Glass

Being in a car accident can be a stressful and traumatic experience. The moments straight after impact are confusing and worrying, as you’re left stunned, not knowing exactly what has happened or how it might have affected you. You may even be suffering from injuries that has left you dazed and unable to think properly.

There is just so going on to make a person have a panic attack, but as difficult of a situation you might find yourself in, it’s always important that you remain calm. Agitation and other negative emotions can cause you to make mistakes with serious financial and legal repercussions.

That being said, here are seven common mistakes you should avoid making following a car accident.

Car Accident - Police

1. Thinking The Police Aren’t Necessary

The accident may seem minor, and your car may still be drivable, but that doesn’t mean that the police are unnecessary. It’s important that you , as this means you’ll be able to document what you believe happened, while it’s still fresh in your memory. This objective record can help to prevent anyone from making a false claim later. Having the police there also means that they can take statements from any witnesses, which could help you with your own claim.

First Responders-Ambulance

2. Refusing To Seek Medical Help

No matter how minor your injuries may seem, it’s important that you as soon as possible after the accident. This is because the shock will have heightened the adrenaline in your body, which can dull and even eliminate pain. This means that you won’t start to feel the effects of your injuries for hours, and sometimes days. Going to the hospital also means that you’ll have a record of any of your injuries, which will help if a case ends up going to court.

car key on documents

3. Forgetting To Document The Scene

When you’re dazed and confused, it can be easy to forget some things. However, it’s crucial that don’t forget to document the scene. You need pictures of any damage to both vehicles, as well as any injuries that might have occurred. This will help to support your case if and when you decide to claim compensation. You should also make sure that you exchange information with the other driver. If they won’t, you should note down their license plate number.

Driving arrest, police

4. Suggesting That You’re At Fault

Directly after the accident, it’s crucial that you really think about the things you say before you say them. At no point should you admit or suggest that you’re at fault, even if you believe that you are. It’s completely possible that no one or the other driver was the cause, so don’t blame yourself until there’s proof. Even saying “I’m sorry” can be taken as an admission of guilt, so, if you’re worried about slipping up, you should try to stay as quiet as possible.

car crashing into money, auto insurance

5. Not Notifying Your Insurance Company

Whatever your reasons for avoiding it, you should make sure that you about the accident as soon as you can. Failure to do this could mean that you can’t recover the costs associated with the crash. You could also be left without insurance altogether if your company finds you hiding the truth. That being said, you shouldn’t let your insurance company handle everything, as they would rather save money than help you.

Lady Justice Law and Legal

6. Failing To Seek Legal Help

Medical costs, loss of earnings, and car repairs can all add up pretty quickly. Because of this, you should consider seeking legal help from a car or . They will put together and present a professional case, with their sole purpose being getting you the best compensation possible. Car insurance companies don’t want to give out money unless they have to, which is why you can often get a much larger settlement if you go with a solicitor.

time deadline calendar

7. Waiting Too Long To Claim

After being in a car accident, or discovering injuries from the accident, you only have three years to make a compensation claim. Because of this, it’s important that you do so as soon as possible. This also makes it easier for you to claim, as details will be fresh in your mind, and you’ll find it easier to find and witnesses. There’s no point in losing out on compensation, simply because you couldn’t get around to it.

Car accidents are stressful and confusing at the best of times, but, if you make any of the mistakes mentioned above, it will likely get a lot worse. Therefore, it’s important that you remain calm, think about what you’re saying and doing, and avoid making any of them.

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