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Top 10 Most Popular Car Accessories



Car Accessories

Although modern cars offer driver and passengers more technology and creature comforts than ever before, they still never leave the dealership a complete package, even when fully-loaded. Fortunately, there are many accessories on the market that makes living with them a lot more interesting.

Here are 10 of the most popular and even strangest car accessories and parts you can get for your car.

Closeup of Jumper Cables on Automobile Battery

1. Jumper cables

Jumper cables are a must-have car accessory and could make the difference between paying to have your battery-drained car towed to the nearest mechanic and getting a boost from a Good Samaritan in only five minutes.

Dodge Viper ACR brembo brake, disc

2. Brake pad/discs

You’re probably wondering why anyone would buy a car without functioning brakes, but the truth is that thousands of used cars that can’t pass mandatory safety tests are sold every year in the U.S. alone.

For owners of such vehicles, there are always manufacturer or third-part brake pads and discs, which can be purchased from retailers of cheap auto parts like .

Multi-hub car charger

3. Multi-Hub Car Charger

In an age where smartphones and other mobile devices rule the roost, having a car charger is not only beneficial but also necessary. The last thing you want is to be in an important call while you’re at one-percent battery life…

A multi-hub universal charger, as pictured above, is what the doctor ordered. They’re ideal because they support many different charging ports.

Car vacuum

4. Car Vacuum

If you’re like me, your car gets dirty real fast, making a mobile and versatile car vacuum perfect for a quick interior cleaner-upper. Doubly so if you often have to ferry people and/or cargo around…

You’ll probably want a cable-based vacuum, considering that battery-powered vacuums tend to be less powerful.

Montar Q1 Smartphone Car Holder

5. Cellphone holder

Looking around for your cellphone while driving is not only frustrating, it’s downright dangerous. Thank god there are cellphone holders.

Most cellphone holder can be mounted onto the dashboard or windshield via a suction cup, while a few can be plugged into your car’s lighter or charger socket. With such a device, your phone stays exactly where you want it for when you want it.

Roof rack on car

6. Roof rack

It’s not always that you can fit everything in your car’s cargo area (a kayak, maybe?); should that time come, just know that you can always place it on the roof.

You’ll need a roof rack, of ocurse, which can be surprisingly cheap and easy to install.

Dog seat belt

7. Pet Seat Belt

The relationship between man and machine is a special one, but the bond between man and dog is even stronger.

I often see dogs riding in the back seat of cars (sometimes in the front) with the windows rolled halfway down and wonder what’s stopping them from jumping out. A pet seatbelt unites man, car and dog, adding safety just in case Buddy gets the urge to chase after a passing hatchback.

Trunk Cargo Net

8. Cargo Net

You probably take pride in your car’s large trunk, but what’s stopping your groceries or brand-new flat-panel TV from bouncing around? It’s no wonder cargo nets are so popular…

Most car nets are installed as optional extras at dealerships; however, aftermarket cargo nets are also available, with some on sale for less than $20.

Car Floor Mats

9. Rubber Floor Mats

Modern are very durable, but like most things in life, they don’t last forever. They particularly take a lot of abuse when winter comes as a result of being the first line of protection from salt and melting, dirty snow.

Sets of four rubber floor mats are abundant everywhere; just make sure they fit in right without obstructing any pedals or seat adjustments in your car.

Car vomit bag

10. In-Car Vomit Bags

You can never be too careful, the saying goes… Then again, who said vomit bags are only meant for planes?

Should there ever be a time when either you or your fellow passengers want to throw-up inside your car as a result of all those hard corners you’re taking, there’s a disposable remedy within reach.

Carlashes Volkswagen Beetle

CHonorable Mentions

Car Stickers / Decals: Ideal for those want to use their car as a mobile billboard, are a cost-effective way for advertising products or services. They can be customized in just about anyway you like, constructed to last, and usually weather-resistant.

If you’re a small business with a low marketing budget, this one is for you.

Carlashes: I have actually seen a car with carlashes — it was an abomination! Made of flexible plastic or rubber, the polarizing accessory can be attached just above the headlights and will make people want to rip them off.

For the girls and even guys who want to give their car an extra touch of femininity, have at it!

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6 Signs That Your Car Needs Servicing



Nissan Maintenance, Repairs

Prevention is better than cure, so spare yourself big costs and a major headache by taking care of your car.

Just like how our body sends signals that something’s not right before we get sick, our cars drop hints before a major problem occurs.

Unfortunately, many car owners turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to any jarring noise or broken wire that might suggest a break down is imminent.

Yes, ignoring the warning signs that your car gives off will mean having to face any sudden inconvenience to your regular routine, along with possibly being slapped with costly repairs.

As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so take your car for servicing when something seems wrong so that you don’t have to deal with the cost and headache of something actually breaking.

Here are six signs to pay attention to the next time your car starts acting weird.

1. Warning Lights on Your Dashboard

As cars become more futuristic and complex, being able to directly identify the root problems behind the numerous potential issues that can occur has become more difficult. Fortunately, that is why dashboard has symbols and flashes connected to every major system in your car.

For instance, whenever an engine symbol is flashing, it usually means that something may not be right with that part of the car.

A flashing ‘check engine’ light is one of the most obvious signs that any person who cares about his or her car shouldn’t ignore.

You may look up your car manual to see what the symbol depicts. If the light keeps flashing, then make sure to take your car to a service center as soon as possible.

2. Unresponsive or Sensitive Brakes

Cars these days are fitted with the most advanced braking system on the market, be it automatic braking system, collision avoidance system or . This is why you experience a quick and smooth response whenever applying the brakes.

But if you experience any resistance, any strange noise or even increased sensitivity, then it may indicate an issue. , disks, and fluids often get strained while driving; therefore, their wear could lead to problems.

Since brakes are the most important safety system of your vehicle, you shouldn’t take any signs of trouble lightly. It’s imperative that you take your car to a workshop or for servicing when you detect issues with the brakes.

3. Unusual Emissions, Sounds or Vibrations

If you find anything uncommon like too much emission coming out from your car or strange vibrations and sounds, don’t just pass it off as normal. The excessive emissions may be signaling oil leakage, blockages, or build-ups.

While some vibrations may be simply due to a loose piece of plastic stuck between the tyre and the rim, persistent vibrations could signal something much more troublesome. Ditto for any sounds produced by your car — if they sound unusual or unpleasant, don’t ignore them.

Dealing with any of these problems early can save you costly repairs later.

4. Stalling

Stalling and cutting are often the direct result of shifting into the wrong gear. However, if you’re positive that you’ve got the gear right yet this problem happens frequently, then take your car to the service station.

The issue might be signaling some sort of failure in your engine, such as faulty spark plugs or clogged fuel filters.

Your engine and transmission are the most expensive parts of your car, so don’t let the situation escalate. Get it sorted pronto!

5. Grinding Gears

Your car’s expensive gearbox undergoes wear and tear everyday, so it requires considerable attention. It needs fluids for replenishment, along with general maintenance, to help ensure smooth gearing and a pleasant driving experience.

If you’re experiencing a grinding noise when changing gears or there is a leakage of transmission fluid, act on them. Getting them resolved early on can save you from shelling out a boatload of money later.

6. Ignition Problem

A quiet and smooth ignition is what one would expect from a healthy and well-functioning car. However, if you face any whirring sounds or stutters when you start your car, then know that things need to be checked.

It could signal a dying battery or some fault in the motor. Whatever the cause, a visit to the service station is needed.

Buy Car Insurance To Keep Your Car Covered

Along with being proactive in taking care of your car, also buy the right policy for your vehicle. Since every vehicle is vulnerable to the risk of damage and loss, having a comprehensive policy will cover you for such kind of losses and expenses.

A comprehensive motor insurance policy will compensate you for any third-party liability that may arise, ensuring it doesn’t cause a dent in your pocket. It will also cover you against expenses occurring due to damage or loss to the car or any injury or death sustained by the owner-driver.

For further coverage, you may even buy add on benefits that include roadside assistance, no claim bonus and zero depreciation cover.

Take care of your beloved car by getting it serviced on time and keeping it insured.

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9 Things To Look For When Choosing A Car Accident Lawyer



Lady Justice Law and Legal

Do your due diligence when choosing a road accident lawyer.

Every year in the U.S. there are around 6 million auto accidents, so the chances of you having at least one accident during your lifetime of driving are quite high.

It always helps to be prepared for life’s unexpected moments, and having a good road accident lawyer is one way to reduce the stress and cost that often comes with a collision of any kind.

Here are a few key things to look for when choosing a quality a lawyer.

1. Experience matters

Whether you are looking for a New York or a experience is important. The more cases the law firm you choose has dealt with successfully the better the chances are they will win yours.

2. A good reputation

You also need to look for someone who . Online reviews can be a good source of information.

Word of mouth recommendations are also helpful. Particularly, if it is a friend whose opinion you respect. It is even better if their case was similar to yours.

Using an award-winning lawyer or firm can help too. Industry and consumer awards are a good indication that they provide a fair and effective service.

3. Well qualified and legit

You should also check that the person you are hiring is actually qualified. explains how to do that.

4. Responsive

If the lawyer you are trying to hire does not respond quickly to your initial inquiry, it is best to steer clear of him or her. In all likelihood, they are too busy to take on more cases.

You need someone who is going to get back to you quickly and keep you informed of what is going on.

5. A good communicator

To some extent, you need to gel with the person you are hiring. You have to be able to easily understand each other.

If, when you ask questions, you do not get clear answers, it is usually best to go elsewhere. You have to be able to communicate with your lawyer effectively so that you both understand what happened during the accident and what the next steps are.

6. Someone who is genuinely interested in your case

Unfortunately, there are a few tick box lawyers out there. They basically go through the process without actually fighting your corner.

If you hire someone like that, the compensation that you will get may not be as high as it would have been had you hired a skillful, fully-engaged accident lawyer to fight your case.

7. Well organised

If when you visit their office and you notice that it is chaotic you should consider going elsewhere. Stacks of untidy paperwork are a sure sign that the lawyer you are considering hiring is already overstretched.

8. Open about their pricing

A good lawyer will quickly explain how much they charge. They will happily give you at least a rough estimate of what the cost of pursuing your case will be.

9. Not a one-person firm

There are excellent accident lawyers out there who work alone. However, it is not wise to use them unless they have someone who will pick up their cases should they fall sick.

The last thing you need is for your case to stall because there is nobody available to fill out the forms, go to court and chase things up.

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5 Things To Know Before Your First Car Accident



Calling For Help Car Accident

Being preparing beforehand can reduce the stress and cost of dealing with a car accident.

It’s unfortunate, but if you’re a regular driver, you’ll probably end up in at least one car accident at some point in your life. If you’re lucky, it will only be a minor fender-bender.

Other motorists won’t be so lucky, and will have to deal with injuries and severe damage to their cars. But regardless of the severity of the accident however, there are a few things to know before getting in your first car accident so that you can best handle the situation whenever it arrives.

1. It’s Important to Stay Calm After the Accident

First, after getting into a car accident, you most certainly will be a little shaken up. This is natural, but it’s important to get yourself under control before trying to do anything else.

Trying to handle everything while you’re stressed or anxious will only make the situation worse, and you’re likely to forget something important.

There are a few things you can do to , but the best is probably taking a few deep breaths. Try breathing in through your nose for a few seconds, then out through your mouth. Do this a few times until you can feel some of the stress wearing away.

Another thing you might want to do is call someone close to you. A spouse or parent can help calm you down and talk you through the rest of the things that you need to do.

2. Check on Health Before Car Damage

Your biggest priority during and after a car accident is the safety of yourself and anyone else involved. As soon as you’re able, you’ll want to check in on yourself and look for signs of any injuries. After doing that, check in on any passengers you had in your car.

Once ensuring that everyone in your vehicle is okay, you can proceed to checking the passengers in any other cars involved.

Don’t worry about your car or anything else at this point — just make sure everyone is okay. If they aren’t, you’ll want to call for some immediate medical assistance.

3. Get Plenty of Information From the Other Drivers

If other drivers were involved with the crash, you’ll need to swap some information with them. Getting information from the other drivers is important, as it will allow you to file your insurance claim so that you don’t end up paying out of pocket.

After a car accident, it’s standard procedure to get their name, phone number, license plat number, and insurance information. You should also be prepared to provide the same information about yourself.

If the other driver doesn’t want to provide you with certain information, get as much as you can to identify them, then let the police handle the rest. Make sure to note down the license plate number and the make/model of the car, at the very least.

4. You Might Need Some Assistance

Next, it’s important to know that you might not be able to get through the entire accident process without some help. You may need to call a tow truck for your car, an ambulance if there are any injuries, a physical therapist to help you on your road to recovery or a if there are any legal issues.

Make your life easier, and look up some of these numbers beforehand and keep them with you wherever you go. You’ll feel more confident handling the accident if you have the number of your insurance provider and a good tow service in your glove compartment.

5. You Can Learn from Your Mistakes

Finally, everyone makes mistakes. There may come a day when you do something stupid and cause a car accident. Hopefully, if this happens, the accident isn’t too serious, and no one gets hurt.

But regardless, the important thing to remember is that you can learn from your mistakes. After the accident, take some time to go over the events and think about if there was anything you could have done differently.

The biggest mistake you can make during a car accident is not a better driver and repeating the mistake again somewhere down the line.

The More You Prepare, the Better Off You’ll Be

With the above information, you should find that any car accident you get into is a little easier to manage. They are never fun experiences, but they don’t have to be extra stressful.

Take some time to practice calming techniques and to learn important phone numbers. Doing these things won’t prevent you from getting into a car accident, but they can at least make the aftermath a little easier to handle.

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