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Top 10 New Car Technologies You’ll See By 2020



Future car technologies 2020

The 2016 Detroit Auto Show and Consumer Electronics Show treated journalists to many wonderful new automobile technologies, some truly innovative and promising. With so many cool things heading our way, let’s take a look at the top 10 car tech you should expect by the year 2020.


1. Autonomous Vehicle

This one is almost here, with several mainstream automakers already offering semi-autonomous vehicles. Even Google has a few test vehicles on the road and Apple is reportedly looking to join the party.

In case you’re wondering what they are, an “autonomous vehicle” is one that is able to drive itself without the aid of its human occupants. It will be several more years before “fully autonomous vehicles” are cruising around the roadways, but be assured they are coming.

2. Reconfigurable Body Panels

Have you ever wanted an SUV and a truck in one vehicle? Chances are you may soon be able to buy one. Thanks to advancements in reconfigurable body panels, particularly motors that can retract the side glass and roof into the lower body panels of vehicle, turning your SUV into a truck on the go and vice versa will no longer be a figment of our imaginations.

Car active Health Monitoring

3. Active Health Monitoring

Ford and several other automakers have looked at the idea of seatbelt or steering wheel sensors that track vital body statistics such as heart rate and other parameters while you’re driving. Combine this with basic autonomous technology and the world will soon have a car that can pull over and call EMTs when a driver passes out or has a heart attack.

Biometric Vehicle Access

4. Biometric Vehicle Access

You’ve seen the change from keys to keyless entry and start… Well, you will soon be able to unlock and start your vehicle with nothing more than your fingerprint.

Biometric driver identification is a more effective and secure solution to personalizing vehicles for each driver, optimizing the settings of the vehicle’s infotainment, active driver assistance and accident prevention systems specifically to suit an individual. There will be no need for a key.

Driver Override Systems

5. Driver Override Systems

This technology actively disregards your commands and makes its own decisions. The thought of it is scary, but humans are not the most logical of creatures, right?

We already have cars that will stop if you don’t apply the brakes in the event of an imminent crash, but by 2020 there will be cars that make all sorts of decisions for you in the hopes of maximizing occupant safety.

Active Window Displays, cars

6. Active Window Displays

, WI, reminds us that Heads-Up Display technology has come a long way from what we had two decades ago. By 2020, we’ll see active glass displays that show vibrant images on not only your windshield, but possibly also on your windows.

Just imagine a GPS navigation system that highlights on your windscreen the next turn before you get to it…

7. Personalized In-Car Marketing

You are already getting Gmail, Twitter and Facebook ads based on your behavior. By 2020, the average car will be fully connected to the internet, meaning your car will provide marketers with powerful tools such as your infotainment system to customize their ads for you.

Yikes! This is one technology I don’t think any driver wants. Pray it doesn’t become popular.

Vehicle tracking

8. Comprehensive Vehicle Tracking

Insurance companies base their premiums partly on how many miles you drive, as less mileage generally means less risk for them. By 2020, they will offer a reduced rate for insured individuals who agree to full tracking of their behavior.

This means that insurance companies will likely use vehicle tracking technologies, if possible, to look at your driving patterns when setting your rate.

Remote Vehicle Shutdown

9. Remote Vehicle Shutdown

This technology, which turns your car off automatically from a distance, is already a feature of General Motor’s OnStar system. By 2020, remote vehicle shutdown will likely be available on all vehicles sold in the United States and elsewhere around the world and would be a boon for law enforcement looking to cut down dangerous high speed chases.

Jaguar C-X75 supercar

10. Four-Cylinder Supercar

Small engines use to be exclusively associated with fuel-efficient cars, but that is slowly changing. Thanks to advancements in lightweight composites and turbo / superchargers, automakers have been downsizing engines for years in order to meet tougher fuel economy standards, resulting in the preponderance of , some of which make up to 300 horsepower without the assistance of hybrid tech.

It’s only a matter of time before we see hybrid supercars with four-cylinder engines rather than the usual V8 or V6.

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Auto Tech

2020 Corvette C8 Has Most Powerful Bose Sound System Ever



2020 corvette C8 bose audio system

An unforgettable audio experience is likely part of the new Corvette C8 Stingray’s incredible value proposition.

Audiophiles are in for a treat with the 2020 Corvette C8, and that’s because it is available with the loudest, most powerful car audio system Bose has ever put in a two-seat sports car.

The optional Bose Performance system features a whopping 14 speakers, the most speakers the audio company has ever put into a two-seat car. It includes 1-inch tweeters in each upper door panel, 2.5- and 3.25-inch ‘twiddlers’, 4.0-inch midrange drivers, and a 10-inch subwoofer situated in each door.

In addition to pumping out sound with extreme fever, the system also comes with microphones built into the cabin that reduce the effects of external sound, including those from the Corvette’s throaty V8 engine, which sits right behind the driver.

“From the beginning, we knew we had to have an audio system that carefully balanced the need to isolate the occupants from the engine compartment in the rear, while providing live performance-like audio clarity,” said Corvette executive chief engineer Tadge Juechter. “The Bose system technology in the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray delivers that careful balance.”

Bose has been the official audio partner of Chevrolet since the fourth-generation of the Corvette, which debuted in 1984 with a much more modest sound system than the 14-speaker package of the C8 Corvette.

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Acura, Honda Vehicles Get ‘Key by Amazon’ In-Car Delivery



Key by Amazon In Car Delivery Acura RDX SUV

It’s now easier than ever for owners of Acura RDX and Honda vehicles to get their Amazon packages delivered.

Following in Ford’s footsteps, Honda and it’s luxury division Acura have announced support for Amazon Key in-car deliveries for select 2019 and 2020 model year vehicles.

Key by Amazon In-Car Delivery is available at no additional cost to owners of the Accord, Accord Hybrid, Insight, Passport, Pilot, and Odyssey models equipped with the HondaLink Remote Package subscription. In the case of Acura, it is only available on the new RDX crossover with an active AcuraLink service.

Exclusive to Amazon Prime members, the delivery service allows a delivery driver to remotely unlock the vehicle and place a package inside it when the owner isn’t around.

On delivery day, the car must be parked within two blocks of the selected delivery address. Packages are dropped off sometime during a four-hour window, with the owner receiving an “arriving now” notification when the delivery driver reaches the vehicle, as well as a notification confirming that he or she has locked the vehicle after the package is delivered,.

All users have to do is download the Key by Amazon app to their smartphone, log-in with their credentials, and enter the year, make, and model of their vehicle. After the account is authorized, the setup is complete and a delivery location is registered, you can select the “In-Car” delivery option at checkout when shopping on

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Auto Tech

8 Of The Best ‘Old’ And New Car Features Of 2019



Future car technologies 2020

The future in auto tech is already here, and it’s very exciting.

As cars become safer, more fuel-efficient, and more comfortable, it’s harder and harder for the average motorist to imagine how they can be even better. However, for car manufacturers, there seems to be endless possibilities everywhere.

Be it improvements in autonomous tech, electric drivetrains and heads up displays, or upping a car’s luxury, the automotive industry is bringing us many exciting things. Here are eight of the best ‘old’ and new car features of 2019.

1. Blind Spot Sensors

Many of the features in cars focus on driving safety. Blind spot sensors detect when cars are out of the typical range of mirrors and alert you of their presence. This doesn’t remove the importance of taking a quick glance over your shoulder before changing lanes, but it will definitely help reduce the number of accidents caused by blind spots.

2. Phone Starter

Imagine a blistering cold morning, One where the ground is covered by snow and you’re frantically scraping your windshield clean of ice while you bitterly await the car’s heater to put out its end of the bargain. Well, situations like this are a problem of the past as of 2019.

New vehicles can connect to your wireless device and power on remotely, allowing to take on the cold winter months with confidence knowing you will have a heated car waiting for you. In addition to the climate control system, your car’s door locks, alarm, interior and exterior lighting, and liftgate or trunk can also be operated remotely.

3. Heads Up Display

Touch screen menus now have a second cousin. Heads up displays (HUD, for short) are the hip new feature in today’s cars. They are usually in the form of a small display on the front windshield above the steering wheel and below your eyes’ normal field of vision that shows speed, gas levels, and even directions to minimize any reason for you to take your hands of the steering wheel and/or look away from the road.

4. Automatic Parallel Parking

For those of you who have visited small beach towns in Florida or driven through the crowded, narrow streets of San Francisco, you know that parallel parking is a must-have skill. But parallel parking is difficult, and car manufacturers seem to agree, explaining why many 2019 vehicles now come equipped with automatic parking assist systems.

If you’ve been thinking of moving to that bustling Florida town, you can take comfort in knowing there will be a car to handle the tight street parking for you anytime and anywhere, be that car be from a near Coral Springs or a Honda dealer in Seattle.

5. 360 Cameras

You know those rear-end cameras that help with reversing? Those are so 2018. Now you can expect full 360-degree cameras to cover all four sides of your car. This comes in handy in many situations and can prevent unforeseen scratches or .

6. Individual Climate Zones

Thanks to advancements in auto tech, the driver and the passengers can now c inside a of car. By giving each person the power to set his or her own temperature, there will be less bickering over the AC dial.

Many new cars offer dual-zone climate controls for the driver and front passenger, and some can even be equipped with “tri-zone” or “quad-zone” climate control so that rear passengers aren’t left in the cold, so to speak.

7. Pre-Safe Pulse

For those who want to take safety to the next level, the is a new crash safety measure for side impacts. When the car senses an imminent crash about to take place, the driver and passenger seats automatically move closer to the center of the vehicle. For side accidents, even a minimal five-centimeter difference can reduce the impact felt to passengers by one-third.

8. Mirrors with Auto-dim

If you drive a lot at night, you’ve probably noticed that headlights have gotten much more powerful over the years. In some ways, this is tremendously beneficial. Being able to see further and with more clarity is important. However, being on the receiving end of these lights is not only annoying, but it can be dangerous.

Drivers are less inclined to check their mirrors if they get blinded every time they try. For this reason, newer vehicles have equipped mirrors with auto-dimming. These reduce the glare caused by headlights behind you and keep your focus on the road.

Cars Are Getting Smarter

The results of these new features are that cars are getting smarter and drivers now have the tools they need to make better decisions. This combination of factors will surely decrease the number of car accidents and make driving a safer, more efficient and reliable method of transportation.

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