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New Toyota Aygo City Car Turns into an Alien Insectoid



New Toyota Aygo Predator Look

Toyota has taken the covers off…WOW! What the hell is that?! Is that the new Toyota Aygo? Quick, someone call a doctor; better yet, a new designer.

The new Aygo is clearly infected by something out of this world. Why else would the new Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 — two cars that share their architecture with it — look so cute and spunky, while it has a giant X reminiscent of the Predator’s mouth on its face? Enthusiasts have long urged Toyota to get bolder with its designs, but this is a bit much.

That out of the way, let’s dig deeper to see what the second-generation Aygo has to offer. It measures 3,455mm long and 1,460mm tall, making it 25mm longer than its predecessor. Despite the wheelbase remaining unchanged at 2,340mm and overall height dropping by 5mm, cabin space has been elongated by 9mm and headroom is up 7mm. Cargo room has also improved by 29 liters.

Less polarizing than the exterior, the interior is more upscale than the old one. Very thin A-pillars enhance outward viability, while entertainment functions are handled by a newly-developed x-touch multimedia system operated via a seven-inch touchscreen. The system is housed in a completely redesigned, trapezoidal center stack.

Only one engine is offered — an updated version of the old model’s three-cylinder 1.0-liter gasoline engine that now produces 68 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 95 Nm (70 lb-ft) of toque at 4,300 rpm. It allows Toyota’s city car to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a leisurely 14.2 seconds and to a top speed of almost 160 km/h (100 mph).

Thanks to a reduction in drag coefficient from 0.30 to 0.29, fuel economy has improved to 4.1 liters / 100 km (68.8 mpg UK or 57.2 mpg US), with corresponding CO2 emissions of 95 g/km.

So there you have it: the all-new Toyota Aygo — a roomier, more fuel-efficient city car with a face that would make Predator proud. It has character, but is it the kind people would gravitate towards?

Let us know what you think about the Aygo’s new styling in the comment section.

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City Cars

Fiat Working on New City Car Smaller Than 500 Hatch?



New Fiat 500 Cult City Car

As if the diminutive Fiat 500 wasn’t small enough, Italian automaker Fiat is reportedly testing a brand new city car that’s even smaller and more affordable.

The new model is supposedly called Topolino (translates to “small mouse” in Italian) and is roughly five inches shorter than the 500. It will be offered with both two- and four-door body styles but possibly only one engine — a variation of the two-cylinder TwinAir unit that powers many of Fiat and Alfa Romeo models in Europe.

Considering how tiny the 500 is, we’re are a bit skeptical about the . If it turns out to be true, expect the Fiat Topolino to debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show or 2017 Geneva Motor Show. It will compete with the likes of the Volkswagen up!, Opel/Vauxhall Adam, Toyota Aygo, Citroën C1 and Peugeot 108.

Trivia: Topolino was actually the nickname of the first-generation Fiat 500, which was built from 1936 to 1955. Despite being the first, the model was actually bigger than its immediate successor. So much for “small mouse”…

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City Cars

New, 2017 Smart Fortwo Cabrio – a Cute Convertible for the World



2017 Smart Fortwo Cabrio, convertible

The all-new, 2016 Smart Fortwo Cabrio has been revealed and — as a convertible — can open and close its top at the push of button.

The Fortwo Cabrio looks nearly identical to the Fortwo Coupe on which it is based but is distinguished by a smaller B-pillar and a “more progressive” tridion safety cell as a result of its topless composition. Available in three different colors (black, blue denim and red) and featuring a glass rear windscreen, its power retractable canvas roof can open in just 12 seconds, even when driving at freeway speeds.

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The cute convertible comes standard with LED daytime running lamps, Bluetooth connectivity, power steering, power windows, automatic A/C, cruise control, an alarm, a multi-function steering wheel, and more.

European models are offered with two three-cylinder engines at launch, one producing 71 PS and 67 lb-ft. (91 Nm) of torque and the other making 90 PS and 99 lb-ft. (135 Nm). They can be paired with either a five-speed manual or an automatic twinamic dual clutch transmission.

In an effort to achieve the same level of safety as the coupe, Smart’s engineers increased the Fortwo Cabrio’s torsional strength by approximately 15 percent, applying chassis reinforcements that include a crossover bar, two torsional bulkheads and high-strength steel tubes in the A-pillars.

The new, 2017 Smart Fortwo Cabrio debuts at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show before going on sale in February 2016.

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City Cars

Yamaha Will Make Cars



Yamaha Motiv Concept

Yamaha is looking to make cars… That’s right, the Japanese multinational corporation best known for its musical instruments, electronics, motorcycles and power sports equipment will enter the car business.

Speaking to the , Yamaha CEO Hiroyuki Yanagi expressed potential plans to build small cars for sale in Europe by 2019. The city cars might look similar to the Yamaha Motiv Concept (pictured above) that was show at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show and will likely be offered with a petrol or electric motor.

Yanagi didn’t reveal specifics but expects power to be provided by a 1.0L petrol engine developed in-house. Europe was apparently chosen as a starting point because its cities offer the best layout and infrastructure for such a vehicle.

The idea of Yamaha making cars may sound strange, but the Japanese company has actually been in the car business for decades, having produced and sold engines to many of the world’s top automakers since 1955. It was even a coachbuilder for the first Nissan Silvia and Toyota 2000GT supercar.


While Yamaha clearly has the knowhow to make a car, especially one as unsophisticated as a small city car, the automotive industry is so crowded and competitive that it will be difficult to find a footing. Not only will they compete against established automakers like Toyota and BMW, but they will also have to contend with the likes of Apple and Google, who all want a piece of the urban transportation space.

Additionally, making cars on is very expensive, meaning the company will need a partner to have any chance of succeeding. It needs to tread lightly…

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